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Redd Pet Putt is currently in development, and will release next year on PC, as well as anything else I can get the game to run on. You can get access to the most recent demo, as well as all future demos, by contributing any amount on Patreon. You can also see how development is going on Twitter and get notified when the game is released by email!

If you'd like to review the current demo build of the game, feel free to get in touch via Twitter or email!
Fen Pet Putt is a hybrid puzzle / mini-golf game that takes place on delightful spherical worlds. Meet new adorable friends, conquer the Pet Putt World Championships, and defeat the forces of evil as you explore beautiful planets filled with treacherous courses and unexpected twists.

The game is a solo project by me (Rajin Shankar) using Godot. You can support Pet Putt and check out more games on my Patreon
Indy Pop Con: Secret Game Awards: Best Aesthetics 2019 Indy Indies: Winter Showcase Official Selection 2019
@RajinShankar rajin@petputt.com

Be sure to reach out through Twitter or email if you're interested in writing about Pet Putt, or recording/streaming the game! You can also find a full presskit for the game here!