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Rajin Shankar (based in Bloomington, Indiana)


Pet Putt is a delightful hybrid of mini-golf and physics puzzles, all taking place on spherical courses. You'll meet new adorable animal friends and face off against the forces of evil as you compete in the Pet Putt World Championships.

Along the way you'll travel through numerous unique environments, each with their own twists on spherical mini-golf gameplay. A constant supply of new puzzles and quests keep things fresh, with extra-fiendish bonus levels available to competitors seeking a serious challenge.

Release Date

Sometime in 2020, hopefully :)
Unique spherical puzzle-golf gameplay
Six environments, each with their own mechanics, quests, characters, and challenges
Dozens of levels featuring a wide variety of puzzle mechanics in addition to classic golf rules
Level rankings and additional challenge levels unlocked by obtaining gold medals
Support for mouse+keyboard, gamepad, and touch input
Windows: Fully supported (Steam, itch.io)
Linux: Planned support (Steam, itch.io)
Mobile: Not yet supported (Android, iOS)
Consoles: Not yet supported (Nintendo Switch, XBox One)

Pet Putt is being developed with a custom fork of the open-source Godot game engine.

Pet Putt started life in March of 2019 as a small prototype for a class project. Over the course of one month, the game quickly expanded far past the intended scope (a simple 2D physics puzzle). By the time the project was finished, it already had many of its core features, including its unique spherical golf puzzles, dialogue system, and input mechanisms.

After receiving very positive reactions from everyone that I had playtest the game, it was clear that the concept was interesting, the gameplay was engaging, and the characters were lovable. Very excited about the idea myself, I decided to continue development with the goal of a full commercial release.

With a bit more polish, new environments, and new puzzles, the game had its first public debut at Indy PopCon 2019 where it once again received glowing praise, and was even given the honor of Best Aesthetics among all the games present by a panel of industry judges.

Best Aesthetics
Indy PopCon: 0th Annual Secret Awards (June 2019)
Official Selection
Indy Indies Winter Showcase (December 2019)
Chabane Maidi: Mentorship & Support
Jake Sturgil: Additional voice clip editing
Bad Snacks: Demo music track
Ian Sundstrom: General advice
Travis Faas: General advice